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A digital education program for ambitious entrepreneurs & marketers who want to fast-track their learning,  want to make sense of the fast ever-changing modern media landscape, and are ready

to succeed! 

I get asked a lot: "How did you manage to grow your biz so fast + make it profitable in the past 4 years Alex?" 

The simple answer is: It's a combination of the strong knowledge of Digital & Social Media Marketing with moving fast in deploying execution! 

Moving faster with execution is what will get you growth & results in today's competitive market. 


But, if you are not sure what to do, you'll get frustrated,  and that will slow you down.


Or, if you don't have the knowledge of the latest PRO LEVEL  tactics + strategies that work in today's ever-changing media landscape you'll fall behind....

I designed this program to FIX THIS! 

I will unpack not just my own strategies that have allowed me to grow a profitable business in 4 years, my 12 + years of experience, and the latest social & digital tactics that work from my day-to-day execution with clients. 

(no fluff you will learn from real-world execution NOT theory unlike other courses out there !) 

This program will strengthen &  boost your business career and now you don't have to figure it out alone!

Who is this program for:

Tired of doing it alone...? Figuring it all out can get overwhelming...

Want to fast track so results & growth start to happen...?! 

Are you a marketer who wants to kick ass?! I wish I had this 12 years ago when I started!


If you are looking for a guided learning experience, blended with group mentorship

this is for you! It's a steady-paced experience each week keeping you focused in one topic. 


What you get with this program

Each week is made up of live classes with Alex, Masterclasses + Group Mentorship Sessions + Workshop-style sessions. Some weeks may have more classes than others.


Plenty of fun but brain boosters tasks to get you out of the comfort zone!


Every MONDAY 2 Hrs Live Masterclass + Working through the worksheets, possible homework  + Q&A time 

Every WEDNESDAY 2HRS, Group Mentorship Sessions or Workshops style 


All LIVE sessions online 4pm - 5pm GST Time 

Once you book you get full schedule!


This program Sold! 

Joint the waiting list to be first in line to know when I'll be runing it again!

This week is solely dedicated for me to help you get focused, gain clarity, unlock the key areas you need to pay special attention + bring to light pain areas.  You will have a dedicated worksheet created by Alex that will serve as the guide, the sessions this week are interactive, workshop style, group mentorship! 

Making Content & Brand Building

We'll cover storytelling techniques, the latest content trends, how to create content for IG & Linkedin, how to make content using a variety of apps, how to structure content. Tips & Tricks for content. Outsourcing & in-house. What it takes to build a meaningful brand in 2021. How to define your brand aesthetic, value & messaging. * There will probably be more classes this week* 

Mini Platforms Deep Dives 

This is going to be one fun week! Let's unpack the most essential things you need to know about

TIK TOK, CLUBHOUSE, LINKEDIN, & INSTAGRAM + Doing Live Content. There is a blend of talking about content strategies and storytelling in this week too! 

These are the hottest platforms at the moment so we will focus on these, but the workshop sessions allows for Q&A around any other apps!

 Consulting in Depth 

Paid Media

Let's enter the world of FB ADS, I will go over the key essentials of FB ADS, I will share strategies to sell using FB ADS, audience combos, I will do quick fire suggestions on what AD campaigns you should be doing. Talk about budging. Latest updates and changes. How to leverage IG Shop to sell. 

Will unlock my FB ADS secrets!

I'll briefly also talk about doing ADS on TIK TOK!

Sell Sell Sell!

Let's go over the winning basics + pro-level tactics you need!

 How to get the best out of CRM'S. How to sell using IG Shop. 

How to sell using storytelling.  Sales funnel pages + Tactics 

Marketing Selling techniques!

Email Marketing & Way Forward Clarity on Actions to Take!

Email Marketing can be so powerful let's look at some of the latest tactics, templates and tools, how to build up your database. 

3 hours of powerful group troubleshooting to go over any unclear areas + establis way forward clarit

mini networking party!

Copy of Copy of 11 - Makeshift Post caro
Copy of Copy of 11 - Makeshift Post caro


Thanks for submitting!

Your Commitment Time

You can show up to both weekly classes the Masterclasses + Group Mentorship

for a full boost! 

Or it's as flexible as you want to commit you can choose to what sessions you attend, you may only attend Masterclasses for example!  


What happens after you join!

You will gain access to your BOSS UP YOUR DIGITAL PASSPORT! 

This is the place where all our sessions happen, content, worksheet, updates are kept!


Making your experience during the 6 weeks seamless and easy so all you do is stay focused on our work!


Program Bonus

Get a 101 Session with Alex at a reduced rate 500AED / $ 136 Not 570AED / $155 

This is great to do it before or after program!


Get a 10% discount on merch!

Get yourself a Rebel notebook + 

Sticker Pack

Your FAQ'S ( I know you got some!)

Do I get full sessions recordings?

Yes you do will have all recordins of the whole program!

Do I need to join all the sessions every week?

That is totally up to how much you want to learn and level up! If anything don't miss the Monday's Masterclasses!

What is the difference bettwen Monday's Masterclasses & Mentorship Wenesday Sessions

Monday's Masterclass s when I unlock all the gems, all the pro level strattegies for about 1hour 30 mins then we have 30 mins aprox for going through the dedicted worksheets + Q&A Group Mentorship Sessions its all about YOU! We go over the worksheets work you done, I answer your questions, we go over anything to do with the topic at hand that you need help, this is done in group so we learn together and hear each other out

What time are the sessions?

Every Monday & Wednesday from 4pm - 6pm Dubai time online on Zoom

Are session online? Do we meet in person?

Sessions are online yes on zoom links + timetable will be sent! If we have Dubai peeps we and we all ok we will meet after program ends YES!

I'm a beginner will I be lost ?

Although this is not a start from zero basics program,, ( you can def get all this from my free Academy and top this up with this program) You will learn a mix of some basics and then super pro level stuff. It will fast track you for sure I would still join If i was a beginner! You can always refer to my free courses for any back to basics stuff and I'll help you show you which one

I'm a marketter will this program be for me

HECK YEASSSS! I wish 12 years ago when I started I had this!

Is there a certificate?

If you wish to have one yes it will be issued by my business House of Social and I will write a personal note.

What If I miss a sesson is there a reply for me the next day?

There will be a replay within at least 2 days from session YES!