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Let's take off JASON!

HI Jason! I loved our session on Friday, thank you for trusting me, I got to know so much about your current ambitions and now I'm sharing with you a roadmap overview for you.


Looking ahead for Jason’s business & Body Alignment and Health Snap

Right now the immediate priority is to elevate the presence for Body Alignment, the business brand presence online is very old and is not a true up to date representation of the brand and Jason’s personal brand. 

  • Build up the pipeline to acquire more leads 

  • Facelift the brand - Logo, define color palette and fonts, biz card possibly other collateral in later stages 

  • Web Presence - rebuild a whole new site for all the pillars of the business 

  • Positioning the brand with clarity around, sports massage, PT, Health Snap ( coming soon) Ivy’s 

  • I recommend for this phase that Health Snap is incorporated with this website, when Health Snap takes off and starts to monetize again then we can justify having it’s own website. Until then we will have it as part of the Body Alignment site but strategically done so that it’s visible and awareness happens as soon as people land on it they can learn about it and you can already show it to people btob and we can have a waiting list.

  • Make sure you are BtoC ready so that when going to meet corporates the team is fully equipped, either web page / presso / video 

  • Social Media presence needs to be updated with the right content to suit Jason and his business 

  • Priority to be given to Linkedin 

  • Linkedin Ads 

  • Once the web presence is done we look at possibly hosting our own event 

Overview Summary of  Business & Marketing Objectives  



  • NEW WEBSITE - For BODY ALIGNMENT and for this starting phase that Health Snap is incorporated as part of this website,

  • The body alignment new website will consist of aprox 5 to 6 pages dedicated to BA services, plus all the relevant information, a section about Jason, testimonials, and any other relevant information 

  • We can have a booking or waiting list section for people

  • Direct connection to Jason's what’s app 

  • Health Snap will have its own page on the website including a waiting list 

  • Alex will work with Jason to gather and put together the copy and information for the site 

  • The website will also be mobile 

  • URL will be transferred to the new site 

  • Alex will create a new account for Jason on wix

  • Pop up on the website for first timers

  • Booking for services can happen on the website redirecting to Jason's website 

  • BRANDING - ALEX will work with Jason to understand the brand  look and fell taste 


  • Health Snap - For now only logo upgrade 

  • PHOTOGRAPHY SUGGESTION: I advise having new photos taken for the website headshots and some in situ to show Jason in action. (cost does not include photography if you want to go ahead I can recommend talent.


Website Build: 10k 

Branding: 2,500AED 

Total: 12,500AED

Payment Guide

50% Upfront payment to kick off work

Remainder 50% before final project handover, Alex will share a tentative delivery timeline when the project kicks off 

Dates to start the project: 

To kick off this year and these rates are only valid for 2022, confirmation and 50% payment by the 5th of December. 

January availability from the 15th onwards. 

This scope pricing is subject to change in 2023. 

EXTRAS NOT INCLUDED: Videography, photography & editing are not included in this scope. There will be additional costs for this talent. 

Wix Cost: 8$ a month



  • Once the website is done we can then focus on:

  • If it makes sense to have a mini event for your clients to promote new site 

  • Your corporate BTOB needs. 

  • Your LINKEDIN & INSTAGRAM Social Media Content Strategy 

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