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It’s a Good Day to be a Rebel *INCLUDES 2 BONUS NEW CHAPTERS* I'm so excited to bring you a second edition after the launch made it to 4th & 7th on under new releases for Social Media. "20 Step Guide to Turn your Passion into a Profitable Mini Empire" + 3 Mini Casestudies from my clients that will absolutely inspire you!

It’s a Good Day to be a Rebel is a book for anyone who, like me, thought they couldn’t do it on their own. It’s not just for entrepreneurs or those who want to be one or marketers. It’s for anyone that feels a fire in their belly, who is ready to take a leap (maybe you’re a little scared!), who’s always felt a little outside the norm, and never quite fit in. Someone that perhaps wants to start something of their own, do it on their own terms, work on being the happiest version of themselves, doing what they love, at any age or stage of life!

These five chapters unpack many of the creative strategies that have been helping me grow Alex’s House of Social into a profitable six figures business, 100% self-funded as a solo entrepreneur in five years. By no means is this a book about how I’ve done it. I’m still doing it, trust me! But I’ve realized I’ve learned a ton in these last five years, and my past twelve in the agency world. I feel confident I know what it takes to share it with you, so you can fast track and use these five chapters as a practical and inspirational playbook, so you can do it anywhere you are in the world, and I’ll be right there with you!

If you’ve faced adversity or bullying. Delt with people telling you you shouldn’t do it, or to tone down who you are, or maybe you feel lost; trust me, I relate to you. In a world where society tells you to be one particular way, we find ourselves looking up to those who rebel against the norm and stand outside the lines. So be that, be the rebel you need to be to live the life you want. This book is for you.


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