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Hi Tara!
Here’s an overview of our scope for us to work together!


- Alex is to be your consultant, and work with you and your team across consultancy, production, and educational training and wherever else her brains and talents can be needed.

- Alex will support your Main umbrella brand TARA ROSE and its sub-brands

(Academy, Fratelli, AD Brunch) plus Tara’s Personal Brand. The scope is wide and dynamic across Marketing Creative Strategy, planning, and execution. From Paid Media, Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy, Channel strategy, Talent support, and guidance to many of the areas we touched on in our meeting. You can also learn more about Alex key areas she can help you here

- Work dynamic is flexible, online, in-person meetings, WhatsApp groups, remote. During weekdays until around 8pm. No weekend unless it’s been agreed with both parties on any given requirement or there's a specific event or project.


Style of working is dynamic, it can be fast-moving at times, not rigid, we can pivot and change to fit current market trends and opportunities, you can expect clear communication from Alex on what she will be doing and when it will be delivered and initiative on all her scope responsibilities.

- Complete transparency on hours worked with a live hourly tracker shared with client.



Alex only takes a few VIP Premium clients during the year, these clients have a robust amount of hours secured with Alex every month, which they have priority across the board with Alex, which can mean priority on work turnaround, flexibility, and availability. Option 1 is at that level and Option 2 is also close. 

Option 1:

30 HOURS:  10K AED > This amount of hours taking into account what we talked about that needs to be covered should be just right to cover many of the areas we need. With this level of premium hours and commitment, there is also more flexibility of time meaning if a few hours go above time is not a big deal. 

Option 2: 

20 Hours: 8k AED > You can start here and then either stick with this or upgrade or top up more hours. 


All work with Alex's House of Social is done upfront every month, this secure her time + commitment. 

Canceling or Pausing work 

30 days notice from both parties to cancel or pause. 


NDA'S or / or contracts can be signed to ensure client's privacy


Any extra costs Alex will always make the client aware before moving forward.

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