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It was my Boss Up Your Digi Program Student that inspired me to create this mentor club. As the 6 weeks were gearing to the end they told me they didn't want the weekly sessions to stop... And so I create the Rebel Club! 

Frequently asked questions

When are the sessions & times and I'm based outside of Dubai can I join?

Yes anyone can join anywehere in the world, sessions are likely to be around from 5pm 6pm 7pm Dubai time Once you join a few days latter the timetable is shared on the Rebel Lounge. Sessions will happend always on the first monday of every month and around the 25 of the every month always on weekdays Sessions are on Zoom the link will be inside the rebel lounge

Can I leave and join back in?

Yes you can join back in because you have joined before

What if now is not a good time and I want to join later?

You can get an invite from someone on the club or look out for another opening sometime in the future


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