Alex is the Founder & Creative Strategist of House of Social launched 4 years is ago. 

Post her 12-year career in the Agency world as head of Social Media she now works as a consultant to help small, medium, and large businesses grow and make sense of the Social Media World.


She has a strong base in the Middle East to Europe and other corners of the world! Alex is one of the most passionate hybrid social minds of her generation.

Her client list includes NASDAK, UPS, OSN, MAXFACTOR to Governmental clients like KHDA & Dubai Police Authority. 

On Oct. 2020 Alex re-launched her Online Academy with a free lifetime membership so far 1,700 + Students have enrolled from all over the world.

Over 2,500+ people have attended her sell-out Bootcamps, Masterclasses, and Short courses.


She is the host of Live "Mini Class with Alex" twice a week live show on Instagram.  Also a Podcast 'You Got This Alex" 

She has been featured on Forbes Middle East, Gulf Business Magazine, MBC News, a frequent guest on Dubai Eye Radio Station, and on Thrive Global Magazine & Mashable. 


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When I was little since I can remember theater & musicals became part of my life, my Nana who was an opera singer would take me to the theater since the young age of 5. Most of my early years were spent there surrounded by opera singers, flamboyant, full of life. I started singing in the Opera choir then and until the age of 22 Acting became my first career and what I thought I at the time the only career I would spend my whole life on.

We moved to the UK when I was 10, this was a tough time for me, with bullying, having to learn a new language and no friends for quite a few years, I learned some pretty hard lessons early on. During these years I went on to study Performing Arts. Moved back to Portugal at 16 and continued in Theatre School, studied a little of psychology too. 

Went on to live my biggest dream at  the age of 20, after sending VHS tapes to American Academy of  Dramatic I got called for an audition flew to NY made the audition and a couple of month later I was accepted in the program! We had no money for me to enroll, but I really just wanted to try I had never believed I would get it, this was my biggest dream!  To fast forward 2 amazing years, my mum who is my hero used up all her savings plus we took out a loan and I made it in NY for 2 amazing years at AADA. Nothing will ever compare to this time. When money finished and visa ended life taught me a lesson, that now I could not stay in NY. And in that moment it all changed for me...I was lost and had no clue what other career to follow....

"  the age of 20, after sending VHS tapes to the American Academy of  Dramatic arts  I got called for an audition, I was in shock, I  flew to NY and the rest is history but it was the start of my dream...."


Part 2  

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No one ever tells you that being lost is probably the best time for opportunity. One thing my Mum and Nana always told me especially when I came back from NY to Lisbon broken hearted from not being able to continue acting in NY was: " Whatever you decide to do in life make sure its what makes you happy and never stop looking for it" I'm so grateful for how they raised me, they are my biggest heroes and mentors in life.  The following 3 to 4 years were probably what allowed me to experiment & get a taste of so much variety that led me to what I'm doing today. From bartending throughout these years at Hard Rock Cafe to pay for rent and food, I crossed the Sahara Desert, where a huge epiphany happened " I have to head to back to London and study something to do with comms and creativity!".  At Saint Martins I tried journalism and dropped out . Tried Interior Design. All during this time at the age of around 24- 27 I had a passion that i had never clicked, and that was technology and online, I would buy PC Guide magazine, learn coding, Dreamweaver, and finally my Interior Designer Tutor said: " Alex, you kinda suck at the interior design thing, but all your projects are highly creative concepts, with branding and multimedia...You should go into branding or multimedia online stuff!" - "Great!" I said! - "Is there a 1year fast course?!" - She laughs and said: " No.. Maybe next year this is all so new....The best thing for you if go get internships: 

And, that was it....That was the little nudge I needed, I understood that the online world what my passion something I could dive into...At this time it  was in its infancy and that exactly when I started! 

"No one ever tells you that being lost is probably the best time for you to find new opportunities..!"


From there on in London I interned in a few small agencies, did anything and everything to do with online, but I had my eyes set on: Dubai or Hong Kong! Got an interview in London took the job on the spot so much little money but all I wanted was to go and continue working with  internet marketing! 

Started out in a local Dubai Branding Agency as the' social media girl' and for the next 3 years kept moving my way into other Agencies . Moved to Singapore as Social Media Manager for FutureBrand Agency. My heart was in Dubai, so moved back and was determined to work for two of my favorite Agencies LBI Digitas & TBWA. My last agency being TBWA heading up their Social Media Department. By this time I had developer e firm grasp in Social Media Creative Strategy. 

Having moved from many agencies and shadowing great experts allowed to learn and move my way up.