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My experience working in Social Media & Digital Marketing spans over 13 + years! YES, that's right, this girl was an early adopter when Social Media was just in its infancy!

For 10 years I worked at various international agencies (yes I'm ex-agency!) in London, Singapure, & Dubai building Social Media teams & departments.  I was fortunate to work with  Fortune 500 Brands allowing me to develop a multitude of experiences. 

5 Years ago I decided I wanted to be my own boss, I launched Alex's House of Social, so I could work closely with business owners, no 'agency' frills,  just my real practical creative strategies. 

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 I'm a creative strategist.
I work as a consultant & educator with
multi-dimensional skills in Social and Digital Media ( It means I'm not just one thing!)
I help entrepreneurs and marketers grow with current media strategies that are at the intersection of today's current culture and marketplace. - Alex

My Hot Sauce!

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I work with a wide range of businesses, from small businesses to companies and personal brands